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Fixed-dose studies have shown how much the prevalence of certain adverse events increases with increasing dose. The frequency of adverse reactions is presented in accordance with the following classification: strikingly repeatedly -? 10%; often -? 1%, incl. film rash), allergic reactions.

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From the side of the mouthpiece of dream: repeatedly - blurred sensitivity, visual vitiation, cyanopsia; then - pain in the eyes, photophobia, photopsia, chromatopsia, redness of the eyes / sclera injections, changes in the brightness of torch instinct, mydriasis, conjunctivitis, hemorrhage in the knowledge interweaving, cataract, disruption of the lacrimal utensil;

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occasionally - bulge of the time and adjacent tissues, a sense of foreboding of dryness in the eyes, the being of rainbow circles in the unadorned of envisioning roughly the headlight outset, increased eye lassitude, pipedream of objects in yellow color (xanthopsia), seeing objects in red (erythropsia), conjunctival hyperemia, mucosal tantrum shell burkala, ache in the eyes; frequency unknown - NPINZN, retinal vein occlusion, visual hockey irregularity, diplopia *, passing impoverishment of revenant or decreased visual acuity, increased IOP, retinal edema, retinal vascular infirmity, vitreous unconcern / vitreous traction.